The main objective of the project is to enable the development of CO2 storage onshore in Europe by:

  • Developing, testing and demonstrating in the field, under “real-life conditions”, key technologies specifically adapted to onshore contexts. Research and Development (R&D) at pilot sites and experiments under real-life conditions will allow demonstration of technologies for safe and environmentally sound storage in relevant environments. The portfolio of field sites in ENOS will also provide great opportunities for on-site training and dialogue with local authorities and civil society.

  • Integrating CO2 geological storage into the socio-economical fabric by involving local population.

  • Contributing to the creation of a favourable environment for onshore storage across Europe, by

i) supporting knowledge sharing to maximise the benefits of demonstration from each site,

ii) integrating research results and setting out best practices on key topics based on the findings from real-life experiments,

iii) supporting the preparation of new pilot projects and upscaling from pilot to demonstration,

iv) bringing innovation to society through dialogue and communication,

v) promoting CCS through training and education.