Energy, Environment and Technology Research Center


Description of the entity:

CIEMAT is a public research body that reports to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and whose activities are carried out in the areas of Energy, Environment and Technology in the framework of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation ; in EU R&D Programmes, and cooperating with the Autonomous Communities, universities, and enterprises, as well as with intergovernmental bodies and R&D centers from other countries, with special attention to Latin America and the Mediterranean.


Contribution to the Work Plan and expertise brought to ENOS:

CIEMAT will be contributing to ENOS in WP1, Ensuring safe storage operations, Task 1.4 Integrated alert system, Subtask 1.4.2 Update and validation of the risk model. CIEMAT, in collaboration with CIUDEN developed a probabilistic methodology for estimating geological storage risks for the Hontomin Technology Development Plant site. The ad hoc model implemented on a probabilistic simulation object-oriented framework will be a basic tool for the validation of Task 1.4 risk model.

CIEMAT is involved in:
WP1. Ensuring safe storage operations:

  • Task 1.4 Demonstrating operational risk management
    * Subtask 1.4.2 Update of risk assessment (Subtask leader)
    * Subtask 1.4.3. Technical Guidelines for operational risk management



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