Description of the entity:

Flodim is a cavity Survey and Well Logging Services Company with operations in all of Europe and in South America.
Flodim is also a Company with significant Research & Development capabilities dedicated to downhole technologies, such as Solution Mining, some O&G specific subjects and all of the new underground projects : deep Geothermy, Energy Storage, H2 storage and of course CO2 storage.


Contribution to the Work Plan and expertise brought to ENOS:
  • New Bottom Hole Sampling system (Sampling chamber is also a transport container and a PVT cell)
  • High Temperature Geochemical instrument (P, T, GR, CCL, pH, Redox potential, Conductivity and dissolved O2), versus depth or versus time.
  • Potentially specific Video instruments and generally any Cased Hole instrument that can give information on an existing well together with a self-sufficient lightweight logging unit (up to 2000m).

Flodim is involved in:

WP1 – task 1.3 Monitoring safe underground storage behavior and more specifically, 1.3.1. Alternative deep
geochemical monitoring
WP7 - Spreading innovation for Research integration and Best practices


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Technoparc des Grandes Terres, 110, rue des rizières, 04100 Manosque, France, Manosque