Description of the entity:

Geogreen ( is an international company offering engineering services dedicated to the transport and geological storage of CO2, and consulting services on the CCS chain (including all economic aspects).

Geogreen results from a joint venture by three leading French players in the field: IFP Energies nouvelles, Géostock (underground storage of hydrocarbons), and BRGM (Bureau de Recherche Géologique et Minière), which are pooling their respective expertise in order to position themselves in the world market for the geological storage of CO2 and thereby contribute to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

The perfect technical complementarity of its experts enables Geogreen to provide the industries concerned with a comprehensive range of services, covering the whole chain from the transport of CO2 to its geological storage, from upstream expertise to engineering and project development. In the longer term, Geogreen will offer injection site operation assistance, inspection and maintenance services, and monitoring services related to post-injection control of storage sites

Geogreen has developed a portfolio of projects ranging from pre-feasibility studies for a given CCS project (capture orientation, transport pre-routing and design, storage site selection) to site pre-selection. On top of technical design, Geogreen has also developed a strong expertise in economical evaluation of solutions.


Contribution to the Work Plan and expertise brought to ENOS:

Geogreen contribution will mainly be on site modeling (WP1 and WP4) both geological and dynamical. For the two sites, earth model will be elaborated at the early stage of the project to ensure a consistent data set for the subsequent modeling tasks.
The contribution to WP1 will be mainly on the design of the injection test based upon the different scenario modelled for Hontomin to ensure the operational success. The dynamic modeling shall particularly focus on the mechanical impact of the storage due to CO2 injection. The monitoring data acquired along the project will be integrated on a regular basis to analyze deviations and ensure consistency of the model with the on-going operations. Towards, the end of the project, the static and dynamic models will be updated with the modeling and monitoring work performed in ENOS. Based upon its industrial experience on hydrocarbon storage, Geogreen will
contribute to the establishment of the Technical Guidelines
The contribution to WP1 will be mainly on the assessment of the geochemical impact and CO2 quality changes during the buffering in the Q16 Maas gas field. The dynamic modeling shall particularly focus on the geochemical impact of the storage during to CO2 production.

Geogreen is involved in:
WP1 Ensuring safe storage operations

  • Task 1.1 Reliable CO2 injection procedures
  • Task 1.4 Demonstrating operational risk management

WP4 Integration of CO2 storage with local economic activities

  • Task 4.1 CO2 buffering and re-production for greenhouse horticulture

WP7 Spreading innovation for Research integration and Best practices