Description of the entity:

Geoinženiring, a research SME is engaged in geological engineering and is one of the leading companies of its kind in Slovenia. It was established in 1998 as a limited liability company. Prior to that, it has a noteworthy tradition, which had started in 1946 with its legal predecessors (1946 – 1954 Geological Institute of Slovenia, 1954 – 1991 Geological Institute Ljubljana, 1991 – 1998 Institute for Geology, Geotechnics and Geophysics).

The company’s main activities comprise investigations, project designing and consulting in the areas of soil and rock mechanics, engineering geology and engineering geophysics. The co-ordination of these activities allows the firm to provide complete, cost-effective and environmental friendly solutions. The modern measuring and laboratory equipment and extensive data bases enable professional staff to perform wide range of services, such as projects for infrastructure and power plants, geological and environmental hazard, water and mineral resources.
GEOINZ has developed a significant knowledge in geo-energy related activities and in particular in CO2 geological storage and acts as the principal research body in the country.


Contribution to the Work Plan and expertise brought to ENOS:

CO2GeoNet-GEOINZ is involved in:

  • WP6. International Cooperation & seeding pilots and demos in Europe (Task 6.4 Preparation of follow-up stages
    for ENOS pilot sites)
  • all tasks in WP7 Spreading innovation (Task 7.1 Research integration; Task 7.2 Best practices (Task Leader);
    Task 7.3 Promoting exploitation of ENOS results)
  • WP8. Promoting CCS through training and education (Task 8.4 Raising awareness by training workshops for
    journalists and media)