National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics


Description of the entity:

The mission of OGS, a national Italian institute under the control of the Ministry of University and Research, is to promote, coordinate and perform studies and research on the Earth and its resources, more specifically, applied geophysical and environmental disciplines, marine sciences, seismicity, hydrodynamic and geodynamic phenomena, in collaboration with other national, international, and European institutions. The institute, located in Trieste and Udine, has a staff of about 270 units (about 100 on temporary contracts), and a long tradition in (on and offshore) geophysical exploration, physical oceanography, marine biology and Earth observation. OGS coordinated or participated in more than 70 EU-funded research and demonstration projects in the fields of Energy, Environment and Marine Sciences. OGS has built solid networks and partnerships in Europe, in developing countries and in transition-economies’ countries. Moreover, due to its long-term collaboration with the industry of the energy sector, OGS has developed high-technology competence and skills, to manage the acquisition of onshore (surface and borehole) and offshore geophysical and oceanographic data, as well as data processing and interpretation.


Contribution to the Work Plan and expertise brought to ENOS:

OGS is involved in:

WP1: Ensuring safe storage operations (2 of the 4 tasks)
Task 1.3 Monitoring safe underground storage behaviour - 1.3.2 Innovative geophysical monitoring
Task 1.4 Demonstrating operational risk management - 1.4.1Integration of monitoring data, 1.4.3 Technical Guidelines for operational risk management.

WP3: Managing leakage risks for protection of the environment and groundwater (3 of the 4 tasks)
Task 3.2 Understanding risk of CO2 migration through faults and boreholes for effective monitoring - 3.2.2 Monitoring CO2 migration through fault planes in the sub-surface
Task 3.3 Development of monitoring tools
Task 3.4 Integrated monitoring solution

WP5: Coordination with local communities (one of the 3 tasks)
Task 5.1 Knowledge development and integration in a societal perspective

WP6: International Cooperation & seeding pilots and demos in Europe (3 of the 5 tasks)
Task 6.1 International cooperation - 6.1.3 Experience sharing Focus groups
Task 6.2 European links, liaison and knowledge exchange
Task 6.4 Preparation of follow-up stages for ENOS pilot sites

WP7: Spreading innovation (one of the 3 tasks)
Task 7.1 Research integration - 7.1.2 Web site and Knowledge Sharing Platform

WP8: Promoting CCS through Training and education (one of the 4 tasks)
Task 8.2 Building and providing an e-learning course

OGS can provide seismic vibrator source, borehole seismic tools, multichannel recording system and drone
equipped with high tech remote sensing instruments.


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