Società Tecnologie Avanzate Carbone S.p.A.


Description of the entity:

Sotacarbo is a research and development company (shareholders: ENEA – the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development – and Sardinian Regional Administration) on clean energy and CCS.
Recently, Sotacarbo has been designed by the Sardinian Regional Government as the Centre of Excellence on Clean Energy, i.e. the regional and national reference for the development of the technologies for the sustainable use of fossil fuels (coal in particular) and clean energy (including carbon capture and storage), with the aim to collect knowledge and infrastructures in order to back and also to boost Italy’s energy policy.
The activities programme of the Centre of Excellence includes theoretical and experimental studies on “zero emissions” technologies for power generation, production of energy carriers from coal, biomass and CO2, pre-, post- and oxy-combustion carbon capture CCS and CO2 geological storage.
Since 1988, Sotacarbo represents Italy in the International Energy Agency – Clean Coal Centre.


Contribution to the Work Plan and expertise brought to ENOS:

As the Sulcis (South-West Sardinia, Italy) site owner, Sotacarbo will coordinate all the activities carried out in such a site. Most of these activities will use the infrastructures (currently under development with Italian national funding) for site characterization and small-scale carbon dioxide injection to analyze CO2 leakage in the faults.
In this context, Sotacarbo will be mainly involved in the definition of the experimental activities in Sulcis area (WP2 and WP3), in the work with Southern Sardinian local communities (WP5), in the activities to promote international cooperation (WP6), in the definition of the pest practices (WP7) and in knowledge staring and education activities (WP8).
Finally, Sotacarbo will also contribute to ENOS project through the organization of the following annual editions of the International Sulcis CCS Summer School, organized (together with the International Energy Agency – Clean Coal Centre, ENEA, the University of Cagliari and CO2GeoNet) every July in its Research Centre in Carbonia, Italy. The school does not involve extra costs for ENOS, being funded through the national program.

Sotacarbo is involved in:

  • WP2 Ensuring storage capacities and cost-effective site characterisation (Task 2.3 Low Cost Drilling; Task 2.4 Technical guidelines on storage capacities estimates and cost-effective site characterisation)
  • WP3. Managing leakage risks for protection of the environment and groundwater (Task 3.4 Integrated monitoring solution)
  • all tasks in WP5 Coordination with local communities (Task 5.1 Knowledge development and integration in a societal perspective; Task 5.2 Work with the local communities; Task 5.3 Development of a Public Information Tool for CO2 storage sites)
  • WP6 International Cooperation & seeding pilots and demos in Europe (Task 6.1 International cooperation; Task 6.4 Preparation of follow-up stages for ENOS pilot sites)
  • WP7 Spreading innovation for Research integration and Best practices
  • WP9 Management as the Sulcis Site Owner


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