State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur


Description of the entity:

The State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur (SGIDS) is a state contributory organization acting as Slovak Geological Survey supervised by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. The activities are focused in the solutions of the geological research and exploration projects, creation and application of the information system in geology, registration, collection, evidence and making accessible the results of geological works carried out at the territory of the Slovak Republic and overseas. The particular engagement is linked with the geological mapping, mineral resources, processing of mineral resources, hydro-geological survey, engineering geological survey, environment, facilities for the storing of gas, liquids and wastes, extraction of raw minerals, reference laboratory services etc.


Contribution to the Work Plan and expertise brought to ENOS:

Engagement within WP4 lead by TNO and the activity focusing on the cross-border impact study of the prospective Czech pilot LBr-1.

WP6 because of the activities linked with the depleted gas deposit in Brodske (Slovak Republic) and the managing leakage risks and protecting groundwater.

Provision of both geological and hydro-geological expertise meeting the expected selected tasks of the ENOS project.

SGIDS is involved in:

  • WP6. International Cooperation & seeding pilots and demos in Europe (Task 6.4 Preparation of follow-up stages for ENOS pilot sites; Task 6.5 Roadmap for upscaling identified synergies of CO2 storage with CO2 utilisation)
  • WP7 Spreading innovation for Research integration and Best practices