Sveuciliste u Zagrebu Rudarsko Geolosko Naftni Fakultet - University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering


Description of the entity:

The Faculty is a part of the University of Zagreb and consists of several institutes – Mining Engineering, Geology, Geological Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. There are altogether 54 professors, 30 assistants and 26 other teaching collaborators. Apart from the primary activity in high education, they are usually engaged both in exploration and research activities and in various expert tasks.
This research covers a wide range of activities. Relevant to the ENOS project proposal are geology (subsurface geological mapping, petroleum geology, hydrogeology, geophysical prospecting) and petroleum engineering (drilling techniques, well fluids, reservoir development, production of HC’s and geothermal water, gas management, safety techniques and protection of environment).


Contribution to the Work Plan and expertise brought to ENOS:

Being representatives of a university, all project participants will work in WP6 where a study focusing on pilot/demonstration project opportunities across Europe will be prepared based on the results of ENOS pilots (Task 6.3 leader - Deliverable 6.6). In WP7 there is a planned participation in the knowledge integration workshops and in contribution where appropriate to writing the best practices and guidelines for particular target groups in order to streamline the development of storage projects. Other concentration of involvement is going to be in WP8 and that means taking part in spring schools & lecture tours, building an e-learning course, and particularly in preparation of a CCS education program, i.e. in making a curriculum of Master and post-graduate Master programs. Specific advantages are twofold. Our faculty has already implemented more than average number of e-courses compared to the Zagreb university level and further developments will give us additional experience before the starting of the ENOS project. Our faculty also has a limited experience in the international joint study programs (Joint PhD Study “Geo-engineering and Water Management” with TU Graz and other partners) and there is a formal procedure to make similar projects with the help of the International relations office of the university.

CO2GeoNet-UNIZG-RGNF is involved in:

  • WP6 International Cooperation & seeding pilots and demos in Europe, leader of Task 6.3 Supporting new pilot and demonstration opportunities
  • WP7 Spreading innovation for Research integration and Best practices
  • 2 of the 4 tasks in WP8 Promoting CCS through training and education (Task 8.2 Building and providing an elearning course; Task 8.3 CCS educational programme)


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