The European Network of Excellence on the geological storage of CO2


Description of the entity:

CO2GeoNet is a non-profit Scientific Association comprising a large and growing independent group of leading research institutions in the field of CO2 storage, unmatched anywhere else in the World. CO2GeoNet is the only integrated scientific community with comprehensive multidisciplinary expertise, focused on CO2 storage that is independent of political, industrial or societal pressures. With activities encompassing joint research, training, scientific advice, information and communication, CO2GeoNet has a valuable and independent role to play in enabling the efficient and safe geological storage of CO2. CO2GeoNet was created in 2004 as a Network of Excellence under the EC 6th Framework Programme and lasted for 5 years. In 2008, the Network became a nonprofit Association under French law in order to continue after the end of the project. The CO2GeoNet Network of Excellence has recently expanded its membership, and many partners from the now completed CGS Europe project have become. CO2GeoNet now comprises 26 partners from 19 European countries and involves more than 300 researchers with the multidisciplinary expertise needed to address every facet of CO2 geological storage