Ensuring safe storage operations

Demonstrate safe and environmentally sound onshore storage

Increased understanding on CO2 injection and operational procedures will be acquired in ENOS at this far from ideal site, with settings far from ideal, but give an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate operational procedures, monitoring techniques and integrated risk management approaches taking advantage of the huge capabilities of an already existing facility.

The objectives of WP1 are the following:

  • to demonstrate innovative injection strategies and history matching approaches for increased confidence of operators in managing sites safely
  • to validate methodologies using microseismic monitoring network data to manage induced seismicity risk.
  • to validate tools and methodologies for monitoring the CO2 plume in the reservoir and for acquiring data on reservoir properties for improved understanding on reservoir behaviour.
  • to develop the smart integration of the different monitoring data acquired during operation.
  • to develop an integrated risk management workflow leading to reliable and safe CO2 storage operation, fulfilling the requirements of the European Directive for CO2 Storage, in order to meet the needs of regulators, local population and operators; encompassing monitoring activities, update of risk assessment and potential risk mitigation and corrective measures.
  • to perform an integrated approach for the definition of technical guidelines for CO2 storage operation, through cooperation in R&I of research institutions, industry and service providers.

Tools will be validated at Hontomin, i.e. at pilot scale, for a wide range of technologies and methodologies related to injection operations and associated monitoring.