Promoting CCS through education: a series of e-lectures covering various aspects of CCS. The lectures will help to grow public awareness on climate change and mitigation action utilising CCS.

ENOS project has developed and provided an e-learning course on various aspects of CCS, containing generic knowledge (aimed at the general public) and as well specific technical knowledge on CO2 storage, based on state-of-the-art understanding from comprehensive ongoing R&D efforts (aimed at students or stakeholders). Altogether, there are 10 e-lectures, grouped into three e-learning series (e-books).

The lectures are self explaining and include test questions, allowing users to learn at their own pace and to check individual learning progress.


E-book n.1: Climate change and importance of CCS technology for decarbonisation of energy and industry


E-book n.2: Geoscience applied to geological storage of CO2

E-book n.3: Regulatory and social aspects of CCS technology