Integrated monitoring solution to demonstrate secure storage at future onshore storage sites

Integrating ENOS tools and techniques with state of the art tools to develop an effective monitoring solution for the zone above the reservoir for onshore storage sites

State of the art

There are multiple commercially available tools and techniques that can be used to monitor CO2 storage sites. However, there is always scope to improve the monitoring programme through refining the effectiveness of tools and techniques while maintaining a cost-effective profile.

Energy Research Accelerator project sensors being installed on well casing at the GeoEnergy Test Bed

where improvements to monitoring techniques will be demonstrated in the field

Progress beyond state of the art

The innovative tools advanced through ENOS need to be integrated with current state-of-the-art tools into a comprehensive suite to provide technical guidelines and best practice recommendations on appropriate monitoring solutions for onshore CO2 storage sites. This exercise will be steered by ENOS partners who are managing pilot/field laboratory sites and storage site operators who are contributing to ENOS through providing advice and guidance. This will ensure that the technical guidelines are practicable. This task will also receive input on societal requirements based on specific sites in ENOS and consider how these views fit into technical guidelines for storage site operation.


  • The outcome will be a site monitoring plan improved with the technologies and monitoring tools developed through ENOS in the form of technical guidelines for an integrated onshore monitoring solution.