1st webinar of the ENOS Experience Sharing Focus Groups dedicated to Data archiving and Management

The H2020 project ENOS (Enabling Onshore Storage) organises a series of webinars as part of the Experience Sharing Focus Groups. The goal is to share knowledge and experience in order to facilitate the development of onshore CO2 storage pilots.

This first webinar is dedicated to Data archiving and Management. This is especially relevant for pilot and demonstration sites of all sizes where monitoring generates a large amount of heterogeneous data. How to store it? How to share it amongst the researchers? How to ensure consistency with the data? Etc.

Invited Speakers:
· Eugene Holubnyak, Kansas Geological Survey, “Interactive Database for Wellington CO2 EOR and Storage Project
· Maxine Akhurst and Mary Mowat, British Geological Survey, “ENOS long-term archiving of data: UK CCS Research Centre Data and Information Archive

Chairman: Thomas Le Guénan, BRGM

Date: 13th December 2017