Sharing experience

Provide a framework for sharing and mutual learning with international sites

In order to successfully deploy commercial CCS with onshore storage across Europe, a series of pilot projects needs to be developed and realized, preferably in a variety of geographical and geological settings across the continent, followed by larger-scope demonstration projects. Additionally, the experience gained from existing pilots needs to be maximised through knowledge sharing and identifying analogous sites where the lessons learned can be most effectively applied to catalyse the next generation of successful onshore storage projects.

The objective of WP6 is to facilitate such development by:

  • Establishing partnerships and sharing experience and knowledge with groups and entities executing CO2 storage pilots, demonstration projects and leakage simulation tests worldwide;

  • Liaising and exchanging knowledge with other pilot and demonstration projects in Europe across the full pilot/ demonstration lifecycle (planned-operational-closed);

  • Identifying success criteria that can be applied to create a catalogue of potential situations where new storage sites might be successful;

  • Paving the way for pilot sites in the ENOS project portfolio to further develop beyond the end of the project through planning of follow-up stages of their development and/or upscaling to a larger amount of stored CO2;

  • Preparing a Roadmap for upscaling identified synergies of CO2 storage with CO2 utilisation.