European liaison and knowledge exchange

Liaising with European projects and other activities


In addition to the international cooperation and exchange, it is also important to establish and strengthen links between the ENOS sites and the European activities in the area of onshore storage. These include both the existing pilot storage sites and the associations and networks active within this field.


Discussion and experience exchange with other onshore pilot and demonstration projects in Europe that are in various project lifecycle stages (planned, ongoing and completed – e.g., Ketzin, Lacq-Rousse, Heletz, CarbFix, Longyearbyen, GETICA CCS) will be strengthened or newly established in order to include these projects in the international cooperation organised by ENOS. In addition, ENOS will actively cooperate with the European CCS Demonstration Project Network, using the support of GCCSI. Hontomin TDP, the BGS Hydrothermal Laboratory, BGS Near Surface Gas Monitoring Facility, the Sotacarbo Fault Laboratory and OGS aircraft are all part of the European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure (ECCSEL) and these links will be exploited by the partners of ENOS. Cooperation with ECCSEL on support and development of CO2 storage pilots will be ensured through those partners (BGS, BRGM, CIUDEN, OGS, Sotacarbo, TNO) already active in ECCSEL and working in ENOS.

Support of  ZEP – the European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants -  will be fostered through active participation of ENOS project partners in ZEP activities, building on the success of the ZEP/CGS Europe ‘State of play’ report. ENOS will liaise with the EURELECTRIC CCS taskforce and with national CO2 Clubs existing in several countries across Europe.

ENOS partners will use the knowledge obtained through ENOS to contribute directly to the development of the EERA CCS JP research activities. This will be achieved through partners’ contribution to an EERA activity, which will review the state of the art and identify future European research priorities. In addition, ENOS partners will produce a report for EERA summarising the conclusions of these discussions. 

ENOS will liaise with the Baltic Sea Region CCS network recently established by BASREC (Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation) to support cooperation and exchange of knowledge between ENOS project and regional CCS activities in the Baltic Sea Region as well as possible newly organised onshore pilots and some ongoing onshore EOR-CCS activities in the EU countries not participating in ENOS (Poland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania). A joint workshop will be organised in Tallinn.


Liaising with European projects and other activities is necessary in order to strengthen the position of ENOS-supported sites in the European CCS context, to share knowledge and experience within the European CCS community and to exchange achievements with other onshore storage sites in Europe. These outputs will inform European research priorities, via direct support to ECCSEL and the EERA CCS JP.